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I am Helene Breton, a Geochemist and Experimental Petrologist affiliated with Geocentrum, Uppsala University in Sweden. My professional endeavors involve a comprehensive study of high-pressure states of matter through laboratory experimentation with the employment of the diamond anvil cell, pyston cylinder and other high-pressure apparatus.

The foundation of my research is rooted in a cross-disciplinary approach, developed in order to expand the breadth of knowledge and deepen our understanding of the complex processes that shape our Earth's landscape. Through this method, I have been able to identify various applications, as it pertains to the correlation between the atomic structure and physical properties of innovative materials. Such a multifaceted approach will undoubtedly lead to invaluable insights into the workings of our natural world and pave the way towards further advancements in scientific discovery.

As of late, I have turned my focus towards the implementation of dynamic compression techniques utilizing piezoacuators within diamond anvil cells at synchrotron facilities. My aim is to elevate the structural analysis of materials beyond the constraints of conventional static compression methodologies.

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